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Infrastructure Asset Management

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Infrastructure Asset Management

Looking beyond tight budgets to focus on long-term infrastructure asset management strategies

With the state of global infrastructure challenges, public and private organizations need to look beyond tight budgets and start implementing long-term asset management plans. We can no longer afford to ignore infrastructure degradation as it has a direct impact on our global economy. We must manage our infrastructure maintenance activities proactively and implement effective asset management practices in order to avoid future failures and unaffordable reconstruction costs.

Today, due to the increasing scarcity of resources and funding, any maintenance for deteriorated infrastructure needs to be evaluated effectively. One solution is to prolong the overall service life of the deteriorated structures by extending the time period of each phase through intermediate maintenance measures. This requires a risk-cost optimized approach in the development of an effective asset management strategy.

An infrastructure asset management system for the selection of optimum intervention strategiesSTADIUM Infrastructure Asset Management System

SIMCO’s Infrastructure Asset Management System allows for the selection of optimum maintenance and repair scenarios for a single element as well as for an entire portfolio of structures.

SIMCO’s Infrastructure Management System can be used as a standalone application or can be easily integrated into any asset management platform and adapt to any specific client requirements regarding the evaluation of infrastructure degradation.

This Infrastructure Management System provides vital information for engineering and financial teams to make the most cost-effective decisions based on available funding, quantified asset value, risk, and residual life. It is also designed to export data into any third party risk and budget analysis modules so that with a simple request, such a system is able to calculate the impact of different intervention options on risk management and capital expenditures.

Keeping assets operating at a high level of reliability, serviceability & safety

Once implemented and fully operational, SIMCO’s Infrastructure Management System provides powerful information to both engineering teams and upper management executives.

The System provides an accurate condition assessment of concrete, steel and wood assets with detailed technical information on prevailing deterioration mechanisms. Based on deterioration levels, the system suggests different maintenance or repair alternatives and associated service-life extension options.

Subsequently, the system calculates the cost of the suggested repairs and the risks associated with postponing intervention and its consequent effect on service life. This operation translates the technical engineering information into a financial consideration and different alternatives can be analyzed based on available funding and level of tolerable risk per asset.

Infrastructure Asset Management System Process