Expert guidance for the optimum selection of supplementary cementing materials

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  • Pulaski Skyway Substructure
  • investigation & durability analysis - Assess condition & provide repair options to extend service life by 75 years

  • NJDOT Route 21 Viaduct
  • Condition assessment, service-life evaluation and rehabilitation strategy

  • Grove Isle Bridge
  • Comprehensive investigation, evaluation of deterioration levels, residual service-life assessment & cost-optimal rehabilitation strategy

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Sustainability Engineering

Increasing concrete structures service life is one of SIMCO’s key fields of expertise. In today’s context, environmental considerations must be taken into account when it comes to designing or rehabilitating concrete structures. The preservation of existing structures rests on the development of adequate repair and maintenance strategies. Optimized interventions, performed in a timely manner, can considerably reduce the volume of waste generated by repairs and even avoid complete demolition and reconstruction of concrete elements, which helps in preserving the environment.

The same logic applies at the design stage. The use of optimized concrete mix proportions and components extends the service life of a structure and reduces the frequency and importance of repair interventions, thus minimizing the quantity of waste generated. Moreover, the use of supplementary cementitious materials as binder replacement in new concrete structures reduces the cement consumption and in turn, the carbon footprint of the concrete and of the project as a whole.

SIMCO’s team of experts can help owners and building professionals design and maintain concrete structures in a more sustainable way through proper initial mix design and adequate maintenance programs.

STADIUM® ECO software was also developed to provide on-line expert guidance for the optimum selection of supplementary cementing materials (SCMs) to be used in concrete in order to reduce the carbon footprint of new construction projects or for the repair and rehabilitation of existing structures.

STADIUM® ECO addresses the main weaknesses of the current market by proposing an economical and technically feasible solution that addresses the shortage of cement, the durability and the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) signature of concrete.

This type of computer-based expert system is unique: no other similar decision-supporting tool exists to help optimize SCMs and collaboratively integrate the design and construction process, making STADIUM® ECO truly a breakthrough technology.