Chico Students at Work on Alcatraz Infrastructure Preservation Project

Rutgers University Comparitive Field Survey & Durability Analysis of Reinforced HPC Concrete

California State University (CHICO) NASA Modified Cement Durability Testing


The SIMCO Academic Initiative is driven by the belief that innovation is fueled by knowledge

Alcatraz Infrastructure PreservationIn a continued effort to remain a world leader in concrete durability and sustainability, SIMCO is contributing to the industry by participating in new research, and disseminating its concrete knowledge in order to expose to the industry its innovative engineering tools and solutions it develops.

SIMCO believes in developing highly qualified graduates and practitioners with critical skills for the 21st century concrete industry workforce and empowering tomorrow’s concrete leaders through education.

SIMCO is currently involved in numerous academic partnerships and research programs worldwide and is always interested in learning more about ongoing and new research.

SIMCO’s rich experience in concrete durability engineering combined with research and development capabilities, supported by a fully integrated concrete laboratory, makes SIMCO a preferential partner to develop concrete infrastructure durability academic endeavors.