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A highly-qualified team of concrete engineering specialists who have provided superior consultancy and expert witness services to law firms and insurance companies for over 25 years

SIMCO’s experts have extensive experience in litigations or legal claims and in providing expert witness testimony and advice in a wide range of cases involving the use of materials, premature deterioration or failure of civil engineering works.

Our materials specialists and concrete experts ensure a thorough investigation is conducted in the field and in laboratory in order to provide accurate and timely information regarding the actual causes of the defect or failure.

SIMCO’s expert advisors will assist attorneys, legal and insurance professionals in quickly and effectively resolving disputes, by combining leading-edge methodologies, techniques and technologies to analyze, present, defend and assist in all types of cases or claims.


  • Conduct comprehensive investigations, inspections and forensic analyses in order to provide an expert technical opinion as to the causes of deterioration or premature failure of civil engineering works
  • Assist in the preparation of expert witness testimony, cross examination, answers to opponents’ arguments
  • Analyze all technical data and operations relating to the construction or repair of concrete structures (plans, specifications, methodologies, techniques, procedures etc.)
  • Assist in dispute resolution processes such as mediation, adjudication and arbitration
  • Elaborate technical and expert testimony reports for the client or for the Court