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Concrete Manufacturers/Suppliers - Quality Control & Troubleshooting

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  • Seigneurie de Beaupré Wind Park
  • Assess the conformity of the concrete mixture used for the construction of wind turbine foundations in Seigneurie de Beaupré Wind Park

  • EDF Canada, Lac Alfred Wind Park
  • Analyze quality control test results recorded on the concrete used to cast wind turbine bases at Lac Alfred Wind Park in Quebec

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Concrete Manufacturers/Suppliers

More Stringent Codes & Regulations for Concrete Manufacturers/Suppliers

In recent years, the construction industry has been faced with major problems concerning the quality of concrete produced and delivered to construction sites. In order to minimize the risks of producing an inadequate concrete, industry standards, codes and regulations have been revised and strengthened to better protect asset owners. Concrete manufacturers/suppliers now need to comply to more rigorous standards, and that’s how SIMCO’s concrete experts can help.

Concrete Durability Services – Characterization, Evaluation, & Optimization of Concrete Mixtures

Concrete Manufacturers Quality Control and TroubleshootingOver the past 25 years, SIMCO has helped many concrete manufacturers/suppliers in identifying simple and reliable solutions that lead to the production of durable and sustainable concrete mixtures.

Our experts can be involved at all stages of a project; from as early on as the pre-project phase, our concrete specialists have the knowledge, expertise and experience necessary for the selection of appropriate materials required for the design of durable and cost-effective concrete mixes. For example, reliable experimental protocols have been developed and validated in numerous projects to guide in the selection of aggregates in order to ensure that they are not reactive or contaminated by deleterious minerals such as pyrite and pyrrhotite.

Our team can also play an important role during the design and construction of structures, to evaluate, validate and optimize the durability of mixtures according to different exposure conditions. SIMCO can also be called in after the placement of concrete to provide corrective solutions (troubleshooting) in order to ensure that the structure will reach the desired service life.

SIMCO’s main goal is to provide concrete manufacturers/suppliers with the best possible solution at the best possible cost. For the characterization of concrete, SIMCO evaluates each component (cement, supplementary cementitious materials, admixtures, aggregates, etc.). Our services include the characterization of materials for new construction and rehabilitation projects, risk analyses, service-life evaluations, corrosion studies, failure analyses and quality control.

Specialized Concrete Services

  • Conduct a technical review and provide an interpretation of results for the production of durable and sustainable concrete solutions
  • Review technical specifications during the preliminary design and/or design phase to minimize the risks of non-compliance and production delays
  • Monitor production activities at the concrete plant to validate compliance of equipment and materials according to accepted tolerances
  • Develop quality control programs on fresh and/or hardened concrete and analyze results to adjust the specifications of the mixtures according to owner’s requirements

Troubleshooting Services

  • Conduct comprehensive investigations and failure analyses to identify the most appropriate corrective and preventive solutions
  • Review defects, analyze test results and construction archives to identify degradation mechanisms affecting the structure in order to develop a cost-effective maintenance and repair program
  • Provide concrete expert support services during litigations to assist in the preparation of the case or the defense
  • Characterize concrete materials in order to provide a certificate of compliance
  • Evaluate concrete mixtures to develop practical and economical solutions that meet project specifications