Concrete Expert Services and Solutions for Sustainable Infrastructure Projects

Construction, repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures

Featured projects

  • Panama Canal – Third Set of Locks
  • Assist in the design of a series of durable concrete mixtures to meet the 100-year service-life specification set forth by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP)

  • Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link Tunnel
  • Concrete mixture optimization in accordance to durability requirements and for a service life of 120 years

  • New York No. 7 Subway Tunnel
  • Apply materials durability expertise in developing different concrete mixtures to meet strict construction & durability requirements

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Ensuring durability requirements are met along with deadlines and budgets

For whatever the project; for buildings, roads, bridges and viaducts, port facilities, energy production and distribution installations, etc., contractors all have a common goal of delivering quality products that meet durability requirements set forth by the owner while ensuring that deadlines and budget costs are respected.

For over 25 years, our services have helped contractors in determining optimum concrete durability design solutions while minimizing the costs and risks inherent to construction or rehabilitation projects. SIMCO’s team of durability specialists is recognized for its expertise in the quantitative assessment of the useful life of concrete structures, and for its unique expertise in optimizing concrete mixtures in order to meet industry standards for building and repairing infrastructure.

SIMCO’s unique approach can be used in all phases of any given construction or repair and rehabilitation project

SIMCO’s unique technical approach is based on its very own leading-edge predictive technology, and its extensive experience working with contractors on a multitude of big and small infrastructure projects around the world.

SIMCO may be involved in all phases of any given project; from providing technical support to the management team during the review of technical documents, to the selection of materials and optimization of concrete mixtures, to troubleshooting during the construction or repair of structures. SIMCO may also provide recommendations to improve construction methods and operating procedures used in addition to elaborating a repair and maintenance plan for each specific structure.

For the past 25 years, SIMCO has worked closely with a network of national and international partners in order to provide turnkey solutions for sustainable infrastructure projects. Whatever your project, we will harness the power of people, technology and innovation to make your project a success.

Specialized Concrete Services

  • Review of construction plans and technical specifications during the preliminary design and/or design phase to minimize risks of non-compliance issues and construction delays
  • Optimization of concrete mixtures for different structural elements to meet durability and service-life requirements
  • Conduct quality control tests in the field and in laboratory to validate that the mixtures comply with project requirements
  • Compare the effectiveness of different maintenance and repair scenarios according to service-life requirements and lifecycle cost analyses

Concrete Expert Services

  • Inspection and condition assessment of structures to determine the causes of failure or deterioration
  • Concrete expert support services to help determine the best corrective and preventive solutions to issues encountered during construction
  • Evaluation of the impact of different deterioration mechanisms on the service life of any given structure and determination of cost-optimum intervention strategies
  • Technical expert advice and concrete legal support in the preparation of a legal claim or defense case